Write for Smarter World

I started this blog to document everything I learn about the tech I use (Hardware & software) so that it can be found on the web & be helpful for others as well.

I know a thing or two about SEO so I can (& I have) get the traffic but I’m unable to manage the content for the blog. Especially after I lose 90% of top ranking content to a cyber attack on my blog. I got the blog back on track in terms of traffic, but the top ranking pages are still unpublished (they’re to be written)

If you’re interested in writing for a tech blog & have that technical bone of explaining in simplest terms, then I need you.

Topics I cover on this blog

Seeing the home page of this blog you must have got a brief idea of what topics I cover but I’ll set expectation on you as a writer of Smarter World:

  1. Help guides around software used in day to day life
  2. News in the tech industry. Anything that aligns with the current user base of Smarter World is eligible to go live.
  3. Reviews of the gadget you personally use. I don’t like going fancy on reviews (I’ve hardly posted any reviews yet) since I want to add reviews of products I personally use. This gives a genuine experience to the end-user.
  4. List-based posts on various categories like games, productivity, etc (across OS)

What’s in it for you?

If you don’t have any experience, I will personally train you (only If you qualify after an interview) for 3 months. During this time period we will work on live projects & we can go through the exercise together.

You will not be paid during these 3 months, but once you finish 3 months of training, you will be given a column to write on Smarter World.

Unlike other publications, (I’m not sure if anyone has this model) I will share 80% of the revenue generated through Adsense with you. As you grow, I will also share affiliate revenue with you.

I have managed to make a living from thing blog for past 10 years, I’m sure I can share the same with you.

If you think this excites you, feel free to drop an email to me. I’ll get back to you as fast as possible. I’m bad with emails, if I don’t respond, please drop a DM on Twitter or Instagram. I’m active there on daily basis.

Awaiting your responses.