Chrome is in our daily lives now serving a very broad set of features like extensions, themes, privacy settings and lot more.

Serving the largest number of users, Google Chrome is the most used browser across the globe.

But what if I tell you that you can use the Chrome browser without installing it. No hassle of installing it, customizing it every time on every PC you want to use it.

Chromium browser is available for portable usage. Chromium being the open-source brother of Chrome browser is less not used by many but is efficient enough just like chrome browser.

You can use the chromium browser without installing it as it’s bundle is available as a portable zip.

Step to get your copy of portable chrome zip

  1. Head to Build page of the open-source project
  2. Chose your platform
  3. Select the latest or the highest version available
  4. Download the zip
  5. Run chrome.exe

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Why use this portable version of chrome?

  • You can carry it with you anywhere, on your phone too.
  • Avoid installation & customization every time on every PC you opt to use.
  • Use it without dabbling with complex windows registry & settings.

Difference between chrome and chromium

Both Chrome and Chromium are similar and the only noticeable difference is the logo of both browsers.

Functionality wise major difference is Adobe flash player and PDF reader are available as plugin and not built-in functionality like we have in chrome.

If you are someone who often have to work of PDF documents or have to engage with flash media then opt to chose plugins over built-in features as chrome has been notorious in consuming RAM and chromium is comparatively less RAM consuming than chrome.

So this should be a good way to manage your time when you have to occasionally work on different PCs and are used to work on chrome.

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Most important use case of using a portable chrome

No passwords saved: When you use a browser locally, (unlike portable chrome) the passwords are saved on the machine & then sync across devices. This doesn’t happen when you have a portable chrome installed on your laptop/PC. You don’t have to worry about your important passwords being compromised. Once you take off the portable device on which the chrome is installed, everything you did disappears from the machine.

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