To those who say there are no shortcuts, haven’t tried the android shortcuts. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Android OS is known for the customizations it comes with & that alone takes android OS miles ahead of iOS.

Take a look at these android & google specific shortcuts that can save you several minutes in your everyday usage of your smartphone.

What is Android Activity launcher?

To further customize and create more shortcuts for the most-used installed apps on your Android smartphones, you can install this android activity launcher. It’s the most trusted and used app in the playstore.

The app is simple. It lists all the applications installed on your smartphone and you can create shortcuts for specific apps, based on the app permissions set by the developers and permitted by the OS. You can also create shortcuts of various activities of the permitted apps. Think of these Android activity launcher shortcuts as speed dial.

The problems with this app are it’s not from an official source, I mean the app is good but still not from an authentic source. It warns you before using the app, that you’re solely responsible for the data loss (if it occurs)

Secondly, the app doesn’t support too many shortcuts. Most of the apps and their services do not have permission to be reproduced as a shortcut by the app. I tried several pre-installed apps, none of them worked. System settings work like a charm, if you’re using non-stock android ROMs, chances are you would have too many setting shortcuts as widgets, this app takes the whole experience to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with the Android activity launcher?

You can add hidden activities of installed apps to the home screen for quick access. See these shortcuts as a speed dial.

Is the activity launcher safe to use?

I wish this was from an official source. This app is in the gray zone. It’s neither safe nor unsafe to use this app. Although this is listed in the Google Play Store, we can trust the app developer. But neither Google nor the developer takes responsibility for any mishappening once it’s installed.

How do I remove apps from the activity launcher?

Check out this amazing post I found on Reddit to do the same.

How do I disable Activity Launcher?

I’ve found this post to disable apps without root. However, this guide is for Xiaomi devices, but it should work for all.

How do I clear my activity launcher cache?

Here’s how you can clear cache in the android activity launcher.