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Thank you for showing your interest in advertising your product/service on this blog. Smarter world is heavily invested in helping people make the most of the product/service they use in day to day life. 

Smarter World can help you reach your target audience across our online presence.

Smarter World was my experiment when I got exposed to the concept of ‘Blogging’. But soon things got crazy & everything changed when I discovered that the content I publish is helping people. I didn’t stop growing this blog since then.

Interests of people visiting Smarter World

Desktop apps

I try to cover most used apps on mac & windows that people use in day to day life. I target people using various


The Smartphone user base is growing front & center. Smarter World helps people use smartphones better. I try to cover topics for Android & iOS users.


Product reviews are something I'm very passionate about. I've created several buying guides that help people decide better.

Home Automation

Home automation, smart & IOT devices are going to be the game changer for households. User's on Smarter World are keen about the two products/services in these two categories.


People use tech gadgets for entertainment, I share games, movies & other relevant entertainment pieces with my audience.


People love to stay up to date about gadgets & the technology around them. You can have an announcement for your upcoming product/service & reach your audience.

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